My Little Red Lipstick

tis but a red lip, Nothing more my intention Pretty I want to look, But you think I’m your possession, Break it to you I shall, This ain’t no prostitution, ’tis but a red lip, not a sin that needs redemption 💄💋 -© merizeenat Up until the 19th century, wearing red lipstick was considered to…

A Bra size too small.

I saw thick hair growing out of my armpits and the pubic area. My chest wasn’t flat anymore. Rather I’d grown breasts that were too big for my body, and age. After all, I was just 10!

Gate wala bhai.

He was standing too close, and I could feel something poke my buttocks as I’d come back for another push. I lost grip of my hands and fell down.

The helper bhai.

He takes me to the drawing room, switches off the light and tells me I have to bend and push my face between the arms of the sofa’s, then count to 30.

That Holy Man.

He tells me squat on the floor with my back towards him. He wants me to close my eyes. He’s got a surprise for me. I feel his hands sliding through my leggings.